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The Wings of Glory Track Club is an elite-level track and field organization. Our goal is to teach the aspects of hard work and commitment to our athletes while helping them to improve on their own personal goals. Although all individuals, within our age limitations, are welcome to join we expect the same level of commitment from each member. Our coaching staff firmly believes that talent is God-given, but commitment can be taught and enhanced by the right model. 

"10 Things That Require No Talent"

1. Being on time

2. Work ethic

3. Effort

4. Body language

5. Energy

6. Attitude

7. Passion

8. Being coach-able

9. Doing extra

10. Being prepared 

Your hard work and commitment will ultimately lead to your success! 

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Former WOG athlete and current Jumps Coach

Tavian Stewart named GLVC Field Athlete of the week after breaking school's 43 year old record (read)

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